Fixed Installation Outdoor LED Display
Pixel-Pitch Range: 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 4.8mm, 5.7mm, 6.6mm, 8mm, 10mm
Cabinet Size: 2.9-4.8mm 500×1000 (250×250), 5.7-10mm 960×960 (480×320)


• Designed mainly for outdoor commercial
display with different cabinet size which
give a flexibility for any screen location.
• 2.9-4.8mm 500×1000 (250×250)
• 5.7-10mm 960×960 (480×320)
• 6.6-10mm 800×1200 (400×300)


• Light Weight: <30KG/㎡
• Ultra Thin Thickness: 87mm
• Shareable Components HUB, Power Supply
• Cable-less design: Power and signal cables are hidden at the bottom of the panel.
• Hard Connection: BTB connector replace data and power cables, high stability.
• Customized design: Support customized 90°screen; Curved corner design.
• Fanless – Noise-free PSU.

• High Brightness up to 10,000 nits
• 3 years warranty
• CCES: Common Cathode Energy Saving for Low power consumption. 7000nits: 359w/pc 389w/m2 the Max. 10000nits: 556w/pcs the Max
• High Refresh Rate: 3840Hz

• Aluminum module chassis. IC and PCB hidden design, directly heat transfer with the module chassis, achieve the best effect of heat dissipation.
• Heat dissipation gap between the module and the cabinet for better heat dissipation effect.
• All white cabinet to minimized the heat absorption under direct sunlight.

Protective Performance

• Strong Flame Resistance
• Die-casting Aluminum material
• High temperature durability -30°C to +65°C
• Strong cold resistance and anti-corrosion
• Entire cabinet reached 5VB fireproofing level

Protection Level from high to low in UL94:

• IP66 (Front and Back) High standard of Waterproofing.
• Simple lock design, easy front and back maintenance, four locks in one module, only 8s installation, save time and labor cost.

• MERCURY VR is a special design curved 90 degree corner for a public media art glass free 3D display.
• MERCURY and MERCURY VR cabinets share the exactly same specifications, resulting in better compatibility, excellent color uniformity, and perfect flatness. It is a mature solution for flat +curved splicing.